The tale of five fishermen and what might have swamped their boat

No one is calling it a whopper, but the tale of a blue marlin that supposedly capsized a boat off the Boynton Beach Inlet has left a few raised eyebrows.

Five men were rescued Saturday morning by a nearby catamaran and all were unhurt. They told their rescuers their 31-foot pleasure craft sank when the big fish pulled the vessel backward and caused it to take on water before it sank.

The U.S. Coast Guard picked the men up from the catamaran’s crew and identified the survivors as Gordon Morrison, Dan and Kevin McWhorter, Nick Veselica and Max McKelvy. The agency did not release ages or addresses for the men and is not investigating the circumstances of their sinking, a spokesman said.

But local captains and seasoned seafarers said a marlin — or any other fish for that matter — could not sink a boat. The cause is more likely human error while trying to catch a game fish that is not an everyday find, they said.

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